Sunday, March 16, 2014

Episode 136: Meeting Our Therapist!

Chikorita's crush is getting out of control, and while a certain Perfume song captures her feelings well enough that someone should make that AMV, it's time we sat down and dealt with it.  Luckily, this town's Nurse Joy has a degree in Pokemon Psychology!  Can she help Pikachu and Chikorita put aside their differences?

Also, XY019 aired... and things happened.  Tragic things, and so the show opens with some almost-spoilery discussion. (Mostly on how I'm a sadist who likes watching Ash get his heart (and bones) broken.)  You have been warned.
Tune in to listen!

Don't forget to stop by PIRN, to listen to pokemon music and sign their petition for the creation and release of other Pokemon tracks! 

Also, the last few parts of the interview with Ralph Schuckett are up!  Go ahead and check them out!

Part 4:

Part 5:


  1. I think Chikorita is yandere. She acts all sweet and innocent, then when somebody gets in the way of her and Ash, Chikorita gets really mean and scary. At least that's what I see...

  2. XY 20 aired a few days ago. Even though I don't speak any Japanese at all, I had to watch anyway :3
    I think the most interesting part of the episode was the preview for next week. Looks like another film catastrophe episode, and Iris' cameo too. I'll have no idea exactly what's happening until the sub comes out, but oh well.

    1. I loved the Battle Chateau in that episode. Think Satoshi will make his way up to Grand Duke? :)
      It's not the cameo yet, the preview is for Iris' special, like the one Dent got. A whole half hour with Iris and dragons~!

  3. Fun fact:

    "The Trainer Ash battles in the beginning of the episode is based on the School Kid Trainer class from Generation II."