Monday, June 3, 2013

Episode 98: Far Off The Beaten Path...

A day off from Pokemon training?  Isn't that every other day for these kids?  Oh, well, could be fun... It is true, we haven't seen the entire party out of their pokeballs and interacting for some time.  Could be that some pokemon have a bit of a rivalry going...

Click here to listen!
Ash seems un-enthused about where this episode is going...

I don't think Team Rocket is so keen on it, either...


  1. Holy Crap Mako, I'm just getting to the end of chapter 18 of your fanfic... I don't want it to end ;-;
    It's honestly one of the best things I've ever read, and I'm certainly going to re-read it. Podcast is wonderful, as always ;)

    1. Awww, thank you! :) I'm glad people are still enjoying such a long fic!

  2. My hopes have been crushed then lightened just by a hair.
    Turns out Butterfree isn't returning yet Ash is going to catch a caterpie. (Sad face)

    Also with how Tracey is you don't know how he would draw the 3 legendary birds whether creepy or beautiful or just normal

    And at least we get looking up at the stars in a more fun moment in the jirachi wish maker end credits

    1. I saw that! Nothing but flashbacks?! What is this blasphemy?! D8
      On the plus side, there is a definite anime confirmation for X and Y...

    2. Well it may have a flashback or two but he defanitely gets another caterpie since I saw in a vid that it shows Caterpie/Metapod (it apparently evolves in the ep) with Iris and Cilen in the background all in the same frame