Monday, June 24, 2013

Episode 100: The Not-So-100th Episode Anniversary!

Yes.  Yes, yes, yes.

 So, things are getting shippy again... Not so much between Ash and Misty, although the scriptwriters do make a go of it, but there's a pokemon romance to be enjoyed.  The star-crossed tale of Tony and Maria in "Does This Remind You Of Anything?"  It should... 

Am I excited?  Yes. I. AM.
Please tune in and listen to this special 100 (and 4)th episode, and also, to hear me get super personal and relate a tale of woe? (Well, maybe just a tale of gripes and learning to just get the heck over it and start a podcast...) 
All fun things.  Click the title to listen!  Or here! 

We all have such days...


  1. 100 episodes i'm glad i was able to listen for about half the episodes

    To think 100 down out of almost 800 i can tell this will last a long time

    Also this
    Pokemon X and Y tv show announced YAY

  2. Flowers: I personally would not mind getting flowers, but I get why some men would not like it. It really all depends on the guy.
    I guess a good gift for a guy really depends on the guy himself. For me, anything Pokemon related would be a great gift ^_^

    I've actually had a couple girls get mad at me because I wouldn't let them pay and because I was being very, perhaps overly, chivalrous. My mom raised me too well haha.

    I empathize with Ash too. I'm only 16, and I don't really know what I want to do with my life. I'm officially a senior in high school though.

    Having the Ash attitude always helps. I adopted that attitude after my dad passed away. I decided that I just needed to go, and stop questioning why.

    I enjoyed you telling your story a whole lot ^_^ I remember when I first started listening to this podcast, you were only on episode 23. I faked sick from school that day and stayed home to listen to all 23 episodes. Believe it or not, your podcast helped me through a very tough time. Every time an episode came out, I would go up to my room and listen to the podcast, then fall asleep.

    Happy 2 years!!! and 100 episodes!!! (+4) :D

  3. I probably should not be as excited as I am to hear that people are skipping school to listen to my podcast... ;) I'm sorry to hear about your dad, and I'm glad that you are able to stay so positive, and find things worth smiling about.
    Thank you! Only 700-ish episodes to go!