Thursday, January 24, 2013

Episode 86: Drive-by Shocking

 This episode is zooming by to take you all by surprise, rather like the events therein.  Things were going just a little too well for Ash and Pikachu, right?  We needed to up the drama, and oh, Oh! The drama!  Did Pikachu finally crack?  What is the reason for this sudden personality switch?  Bigger question: Is Ash going to buy a gallon of ice cream and drown his sorrows in food and sad movies?  Tune in to find out!
Click here or the title to listen!


  1. I think the episode is not complete (sadly I stops at 7.49)

    1. Eep! :( Thanks for letting me know. I've just fixed it now.

    2. Great I was afraid you started cliffhanger episodes :-)