Monday, January 7, 2013

Episode 83: Enter the MacGuffin

Having arrived in the Orange Islands more or less intact, our heroes take a look at this GS Ball...
...well, we've looked, can we go home now?  Oh, some of us won't be going home, you say?  Now this episode gets interesting...
Fanservice to the rescue!... what is keeping that swimsuit up?

Click here, or on the title to listen! 
Also, tell us who you'd like to have doing the next Movie ending theme? 


  1. Well then let's just see how long brock stays with Ovy before he comes running back to the group begging to rejoin shh *in a whisper* no spoilers

    And yay Gen 6 looks like Ash's journey won't end after Unova but let's see what will happen after N will the anime be put on hiatus or will there be a small filler saga to pass the time now that is thebasic now question aside from what's going to happen in the N arc

  2. When will you set the move episode ? Since Brock is there still at Evy's Place. And Charizard lisend to Ash the (or he just want to prevent the end of the world so he didn't told Ash to shut up).

    Bye the way here is my tip for the region rap up :
    Best Togepie Moment *my vot would be when It wants to help voltorb it ends up with splash* (Misty's Lines are different in the dub)since it allways the perfect move when it's doinig it just for fun.

    Gen 6... Now I have to buy a 3D till October (well better start saving). Well you speculated it a wile ago...
    France beware the Pokemon are coming in all 3 dimensions X.Y and Z...

    1. Good guess! The movie premiered right before "Charizard Chills" but I think I'll hold it until after, since the events do sync up a little better that way ;)

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