Sunday, August 28, 2011

Episode 24: Sabrina, the teenage Witch

Ash is ready for his rematch, too bad no one else is.  In fact, his group of friends are actually turning into a group of deserters.  Can he and Haunter pull out the win, will anyone step up to fight for Ash, and who is this mysterious jogger man who keep showing up?  I think we already know ;)  Onward, and click the title to listen, or visit videojug for show notes and links!


  1. This is my favorite gym battle, too. I like Ash dying, too. It gives a twist too the series. Haily

  2. Loved the episode. Your comment about how did Sabrina became a gym leader made me wish that they make a spin-off series explaning how the gym leaders became gym leaders. I think that would be awesome.

    1. Yes! They have so many cracked-out gym leaders to choose from, especially in the Kanto Region! What a great show that would be!