Sunday, August 14, 2011

Episode 21: I wanna be your Butterfree!

Romance is in the air... quite literally.  Butterfree finds himself a shiny, Pink Butterfree, but can he win her heart?  Can Ash bear to let his friend go?  Will Brock forever be a loveless moron?  All that and more... Bye, bye, Butterfree!  Click the title to listen, or visit for shownotes.


  1. Do you know how hard I cried at the end of this episode?! I was a mess for like three straight days and no one else understood! If this episode didn't make you cry, you're a heartless individual.

  2. One of my favorites episodes from the original series, despite of being one of the saddest.

    Anne, I'm not 100% sure, but I think the "pink Butterfree" featured in this episode can't be considered a shiny Pokémon. If you look at a picture of a shiny Butterfree and compare it to the pink one, you can see that the patterns of colors are slightly different. I'm gonna put images of both of them so that you can see:

    Normal Butterfree:

    Pink Butterfree:

    Shiny Butterfree:

    Orange Archipelago Butterfree