Monday, October 2, 2017

Episode 295: Everyone's Got An Evil Double...

It's the morning after all the drama with Brawly, and Ash wants to train!  But ends up on a fishing expedition instead, sometimes life doesn't go your way.  But we get some adventure when Jessie and May's Wurmple get mixed up!  Which of them can recognize their Pokemon companion?  Click here to listen!

Hey, I've dropped another special episode!  This one finishes out Vol. 1 of Pokemon Adventures (Pokemon Special), Chapters 10-14.  I'm also planning to do one covering the recent Sun and Moon episodes with Brock and Misty, so definitely keep an eye on my Patreon feed! 

And if you like video game music, did you know Steven from Pokepress hosts a local radio show for just such a thing?  Find out more info at his blog!

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