Sunday, August 6, 2017

Episode 292: Comic, But Not Relief!

We've talked a lot about Team Rocket gradually losing their relevance over the course of the show, if not their sense of FABULOUS.  And now, we're starting to enter a period in Pokemon history where Team Rocket loses both their status as the main villains and as comic relief.  From a literary standpoint, that's kind of a problem.  But not to worry, Team Rocket doesn't need to be important to a plot to be FABULOUS!
Also, Ash is a cranky little snot in this episode, PokeNavs don't help much within cities, Team Aqua reminds me of KAT-TUN and Pasta~!  Click here to listen or download!

What are the top five best Pokemon movies? I have some thoughts... click here to visit my Patreon and get that special episode!

Pokepress went to Pokemon Go Fest in Chicago! You may have heard some chatter about how the event went down, but here's a ground level observation, Steven reports! Visit Pokepress to learn more! Or, check out their channel on YouTube!

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