Saturday, August 20, 2016

Movie Episode 5: Water World!

Hey, a movie!  Starring everybody, whether they have a reason to be there or not.  Yes, there are some clear flaws and failures in this film, and yet, I find it to still rank among my favorites.  Click here to listen!

For those who weren't able to attend Pokemon US Nationals, Pokepress has you covered!  Click here to see some of their videos and interviews!  Take a tour!  Or, have an interview with the Senior's TCG Winner!  Or the Pokken Champion!


  1. While this movie did drop some stuff in the dubbing process, for some reason it kept the "Secret Garden" song from the Japanese version, though since the singers aren't native English speakers, it is a bit hard to understand. Not terrible, but not the strongest offering either.

    Otherwise, I definitely think this is one of the best-sounding Pokemon movies. The score is great, and the songs picked for the end credits are excellent.

    1. You're so right! I didn't talk about the music much at all, did I? There were a lot of really great choices, they really married the score with the shots of Altomare, totally sold the Not-Venice feel.

  2. Anne, answering your question, in the japanese version of the Camp Pikachu short, there is a music playing in the background, while the Pokémon are hiking. The song's name is "Ano Oka wo Mezashite". Here is a link with it:

  3. Anne, just like you, I had, in my head, the idea that the song featured, in the opening credits of this movie, was "Born to Be a Winner". However, watching the movie recently, I was surprised to see "Believe in Me" playing instead. So, it's possible that there is a version of this movie that plays "Born to Be a Winner"? If there isn't, we are both crazy. LOL

  4. Just like you, I also love when Ash is drawn with just his black shirt, instead of his full outfit.