Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Episode 254: Flaming Siesmic Dragon Rage Toss!

Don't know why it sounds like I'm talking into a plastic tube today, but despite me continuing to fail at audio production, we are at the Gym Battle for a Rising Badge, and nothing shall get in our way!  Ash is behaving as a professional trainer should, minus one fake-out with Pikachu, and his unusual strategies are what clinches the match.  Insurance for gym buildings has got to be an expensive premium...  Click here to listen!
How's everyone doing at Pokemon GO?  Is it availiable in your country?  Remember, no catching Pokemon in traffic!
For those who weren't able to attend Pokemon US Nationals, Pokepress has you covered!  Click here to see some of their videos and interviews!  Take a tour!  Or, have an interview with the Senior's TCG Winner!  Or the Pokken Champion!
And if you still need more pokemon goodness after that, head on over to my Patreon page for a special episode on Pokemon Zenshou!

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