Thursday, June 25, 2015

Episode 205: Hiding In Plain Sight!

Another day, another new encounter.  Today our kids discover the pokemon, Kecleon.  Wait, isn't that supposed to be native to Hoenn?  Yes, but this pair of chameleons might be far from home.  Tune in to meet Greeny and Reddy!

Also, did I mention I'm starting another podcast?  'Cause I am... ON-gaku, OFF-gaku.  All sorts of Japanese music, recommended for you!

Interested in other aspects of the Pokemon fandom?  Pokepress loves covering all corners of our nerdy community!  For example, remember Pokemon Symphonic Evolutions?  I flailed a bit about it, but in case you forgot, Pokepress has been covering that topic, with some new perspectives!
Speaking of music, you should also visit PIRN Radio, for Pokemon music available 24/7!

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