Sunday, May 3, 2015

Episode 198: A Match Made In Heaven!

Summer Break is upon us, or at least most of us.  If you've still got a couple weeks or some finals, hang in there!
I was run ragged through my own finals, but survived and am ready to get back on track, with episode 198 going up today and 199 going up Monday.  That puts us back on track for the coming weekend with... episode number 200.  And it's one of my favorite topics. :)
For now, 198 is a tale of love and heartbreak, a match between two people who are so alike, it's actually kind of creepy... Will Brock actually get a girlfriend?  Tune in to find out!

Also, all the music you could ever want, more interviews and behind the scenes stuff than you can imagine, all sorts of nerdy Pokemon fun can be had by clicking on these two links! Pokepress and PIRN Radio, filling your day with music, information, and more! 

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