Sunday, April 13, 2014

Episode 140: Techno Battle!

Ash has to go up against a computer today... let's see how his stats match up.  Winning isn't the only important part of Pokemon Battles, that's for sure.  Certainly there are aspects of Ash's strategy that no computer database can graph out... Tune in to hear the episode!

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  1. Serena called out Fennekin and used an attack against Meowth today! Does that count as finally doing something? It's a step in the right direction at least..... Right? :/

    1. !!! Baby actually tried to do something with her Pokemon! (besides using it as an accessory DX) Teeny-tiny steps in the right direction!

  2. Fun fact:

    "Shingo commands his Scizor to finish the match with False Swipe, but that move cannot cause a Pokémon to faint"


  3. I think that the reason of Pikachu's fainting, at the start of the episode, while facing Muramasa's Scizor, is because the "mind duel" in which Pikachu participated was very stressful for him.