Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Special Episode 3: Let's Do The Time Warp Again!

Kinda reminds me of Christmas at my house...
Taking a zip back to some older episodes, because I missed a couple way back in the day.  Come one, you all wanted to take a trip through Memory Lane, right?  Remember the good times of Indigo, where the writing staff was ruled by pure anarchy?
That's pretty much Pikachu's Winter Vacation, Tune in to listen!

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  2. Anne, I find it best to watch "Christmas Night" and "Kanga games" after "Friends to the End". I got to that conclusion by looking, on Bulbapedia, at episodes airdates that were already planned for the anime before the Porygon incident. From that, I made some math, and got to the conclusion that "Friends to the End" would probably be aired on october 20, 1998. So, since those specials were meant to be released at December, they could be perfectly watched after "Friends to the End".


    *You can check the schedule that I mentioned on the trivia section of this page.