Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Episode 92: King-Sized Magikarp!

Our heroes are overtaken by someone with some serious kayaking skills.  Could it be...?  Nurse Joy?  And is that a ten foot Magikarp I see?  (I want it!) Also, there is some talk of anime conventions, and Best Wishes info.  (We may see someone we've not seen in a long, long, LONG while...)
The Magikarp of my dreams!
 Aaaand, because I'm still hung up in Best Wishes...

And one for old time's sake...

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  1. Hot news:
    “A New Pokemon with a Familiar Look,” which is odd since if it were a new Mewtwo forme, they should have called it “An Old Pokemon with a New Look.” Since neither Pokemon Smash nor Pokemon.com specifically called it Mewtwo, it may not actually be Mewtwo. Perhaps it could be a new clone of Mew, such as Mewthree? However, this ambiguity might just be a marketing tool to keep speculation running high, which Pokemon is of course famous for. It does replace Mewtwo on the movie poster, so it probably is still Mewtwo

    From http://pokebeach.com/2013/04/pokemon-smash-reveals-new-pokemon-x-y-pokemon

    Maby a "baby Mewtwo? in a new styl it is cute but I hope it's a new pokemon from the mew family and not Mewtwo it is to cute and I liked scary Mewtwo It was always opne of the creepiest looking pokemon since gen 1 (red and blue)" well maby it is Mewtwo's little Brother I would welcome that. Well and if it is a new form I don't have to use it if i like the old one better^^ thats the great thing about forms. Just like I like Keldeo's MLP from more than his Keldeo-R ;-) but He was kind of a brat in his movie!

    1. I saw that!
      All we know is that it has a connection to MewTwo... maybe it's another experiment? (Mewtwo has a little brother? Oh, the drama! haha) I agree, the regular Mewtwo design is scary, it looks like he could take out whatever building you were hiding in...
      Whatever happens, it's got my interest!