Monday, March 4, 2013

Episode 90: Sing it Loud, Sing it Strong!

Interesting opening music... thoughts? Is it a keeper?
Otherwise... HEY INTERNET!  It's great to be back!  And just in time for some showboat shenanigans!  It's a cruise, it's a show, it's... relationship counseling?  It's a lot of things, here at Pikapi Podcast!

You can click here to listen!  Other things you should do, head over to  Why?  Because they had me on as a guest, and I'm vain, and I think you should listen.  Besides, it really is fun! :) 

1 comment:

  1. I love the pika-speak opening number! I think its a keeper

    Anyways, I thought this episode was pretty average. I liked certain things about it, like Raichu and how the characters added their voices to the pokemon performances. Otherwise, I thought it was very forgettable.

    Glad to be caught up with the podcast again! I can't believe it is at episode 90 already, wow!