Friday, August 24, 2012

Episode 67: If Everybody Had An Ocean...

Ash clearly took all of his Intelligence stats and threw them into Luck...
Surfin' Kanto, we've arrived just in time for the one-in-twenty-year wave, Humunga Dunga!  Ash was training in the Seafoam Islands, but I think the allure of surfing is going to pull he and Pikachu from their goal.  But to make us see double, there's a second Pikachu featured in this episode... Tune in to meet Puka, the cute, aging surfer of the seas!

Click here to listen!  Now fixed!

Better watch out, waves!

Also, I made an error in the episode title:  Today we're reviewing episode 67: The Pi-Kahuna, not "Surf's up, Pikachu".  Sorry, we did not go manga on you all, I just mixed some stuff up.


  1. you uploaded the wrong audio fill ( :-( )

    I'm looking forward to the new one you are awesome and so funny

    do you wifi-battles?

    1. ACK! Thank you for telling me, I'm fixing it now!
      Um, for wifi, I would like to, but I never have... Do I need a special wifi adapter for DS?

    2. well my wifi is shaky so I have some time turble with the wifi club

      but with my DSi it work with my router signal

      I trying to set up a wifi emulator on my pc to recored my wifi battels on the pc but I lacy to fix it my ds fells better!

      thanks :-) can't wait^^

  2. The user that commented, on the previous podcast, that his/her Abork, in Pokémon Sapphire, evolved into a Seviper was actually making a joke, making a reference to a mistake the occurred in the "Who's the Pokémon" segment.

    You can see that mistake on this following video:

  3. *I mean, "Pokémon Trainer's Choice" segment.