Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Episode 60: No Bleach Involved!

Despite my inability to say "Beach Blank-out Blastoise" without suggesting some terrible crossover (someone on the internet is probably writing the fic and thinks it's a wonderful idea...), we manage to get through the entire episode and most of the comments without too many shenanigans.  So many comments: THANKS, GUYS! :) :) If I didn't get you before the episode went up, I'll be sure to read yours next week- the discussions are getting lively!  Today, Ash and co. journey to the island of turtle pokemon, but turtles aren't the only pokemon they'll find there... unfortunately...  Click here to listen!

1 comment:

  1. A radio show... Pure awesomeness. I did get an idea when you mentioned that Giovanni had something goin on with the Sinnoh base. Perhaps it's time for Dawn's cameo? I didn't really care for Dawn but I guess everybody deserves at least one cameo. A good idea, would be to use Team Rocket (since they are actually a threat now) as some sort of ultimate evil, and have Misty, Brock, and maybe even May and Max in for a cameo!
    Btw, did anyone hear that Toonami is back?