Sunday, February 5, 2012


Episode 46, Indiana Oak and the Temple of... I mean, Attack of the Prehistoric Pokemon, is proving to be really hard to find.  All this time, and I still can't find a version that works, or hosted on a site that won't give me a virus.  So, you guys are going to have to wait an extra day or two while I keep looking, or until I give in and make a run down to the local blockbuster.  Sigh, I knew we'd have this problem eventually...
Sorry for the wait.  All the best!


  1. Hi Mako. You might have already tried this, but I use this website all the time and it has never ever given me a virus.
    That should take you directly to the episode.

  2. I cant find it on itunes.This Sucks!

    1. Searching "Pikapi" in itunes usually works, but try this link:
      Unfortunately, I cannot control apple and their services. I'll do my best to work on them, though.

  3. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!